Victoria Millar-Wise plans to bring her interior design talents to the Sunshine Coast.
Victoria Millar-Wise plans to bring her interior design talents to the Sunshine Coast. Barry Leddicoat

At home, less is more

TRANSFORM your home into a stylish haven without spending a fortune.

Award-winning interior designer Victoria Millar-Wise said there were a number of simple things people could do themselves to spruce up the home.

Ms Millar-Wise (pictured) said by simply re-arranging furniture and redecorating, homeowners and families could enjoy a more functional and practical living space.

The author of Create your Dream Sanctuary  said the first step to revamping the home was to de-clutter and clean.

“An uncluttered home creates an uncluttered mind,” Ms Millar-Wise said.

To help decide what stays and what goes, Ms Millar-Wise gave some simple criterion to follow.

If it hadn’t been used in three months, if you don’t love it and if it’s not practical get rid of it, she said.

Let go of the old to allow “new, fresh vibrant energy into the home”.

She also said the key to successful decorating was having a vision and a plan.

“All it takes is a bit of elbow grease and a vision,” Ms Millar-Wise said

“Go through each room of the house and decide what you need to do to create the look you want.”

She said those lacking inspiration could refer to interior design and home magazines for ideas or hire a professional to help.

One of her best decorating tips was to use colour in clusters.

For example, aim to add colour with things like vases, placemats, candles and towels.

But use no more than three dominant colours in one room, she warned.

Ms Millar-Wise said beautiful pieces of coloured glass , including vases and jugs , which were inexpensive and available at most major stores, were great to display in clusters.

Other decorative ideas Ms Millar-Wise gave called for creativity.

“Find a nice shaped bowl and fill it with woven balls or coloured baubles,” Ms Millar-Wise said.

Use buttons, crystals or studs to alter, or hang off other things including lampshades and furniture, or make your own wall hanging out of shells and rope, she said. Flowers are another effective way to enhance a room.

Collect fresh flowers from your own garden or buy a single stem and combine these with lush green leaves to create a stunning centrepiece, Ms Miller-Wise said.

The interior design expert said paint was another easy way to add style.

“Don’t be afraid to use paint to change the look of something,” Ms Millar-Wise said.

She said by using different types of paints, techniques and finishes you could transform any object in the home, including furniture pieces, to make it look new and unique.

The interior design consultant, who also specialised in public speaking and mentoring said “your home should reflect who you are” and provide a “loving home and family environment”.

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