FESTIVAL FLU: The Falls Flu is currently doing the rounds of Byron Shire.
FESTIVAL FLU: The Falls Flu is currently doing the rounds of Byron Shire.

Have you been floored by the festival flu?

FESTIVAL flu is sweeping through the Byron Shire following Christmas and this year's Falls Arts and Music Festival at North Byron Parklands.

According to one local pharmicist the festival flus arrive with the thousands of people who descend on the region from all corners of the earth to enjoy our world beating music and arts festivals like Splendour, Falls and Bluesfest.

If you are suffering right now, what could be worse? It's hot and humid and you may even be on holidays when you are struck down. It's far from life threatening but it is very, very annoying.

Many of us are currently surrounded by friends and work colleagues coughing and hacking, sniffing and spluttering at the height of summer.


Brian Gallagher the duty pharmacist at Chemist Outlet in Byron Bay is seeing plenty of locals and holiday makers struck down by what many are calling the Falls Flu.

This follows an outbreak of the Splendour Flu that ripped through the local population after Splendour in the Grass Festival last year.

"There is always an outbreak like this when large groups of people come together for our big festivals," said Mr Gallagher.

"This is such a global town people come from northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. They travel so quickly, they could be in the Congo one day and here in Byron Bay the next.

"Lots of people have been sick after Falls this year, and it was very evident after Splendour last year with so many coming down with a particularly virulent cold and flu, especially in the local population.

"Locals are particularly susceptible because we don't have much immunity built to fight these bugs that arrive suddenly with the crowds."

Mr Gallagher said the only cure was rest and drinking plenty of water.

"There are cold and flu tablets available to relieve the symptoms but really your body has to heal itself."