Colin Graves’ ideas are food for thought for cricket lovers

IN A suggestion that has put the purists offside, incoming English Cricket Board chairman Colin Graves says he personally supports cutting Test matches from five days to four.

The 67-year-old business mogul, who starts in the role on May 15, said he would prefer to see matches start at 10.30am and go until 105 overs were bowled in a day.

He also said he thought every Test should start on a Thursday, with the first two days being corporate days, and Saturday and Sunday being family days.

"From a cost point of view you'd lose that fifth day, which would save a hell of a lot of money from the ground's point of view and the broadcasters," Graves (pictured) said.

"I would look at that. In reality, there's not many people who turn up and watch it on the fifth day."

He also said he thought the games in the 2019 World Cup in England should be 40-overs-a-side.