American rocker Iggy Pop at the 30th Bluesfest Byron Bay 2019. Picture: Marc Stapelberg
American rocker Iggy Pop at the 30th Bluesfest Byron Bay 2019. Picture: Marc Stapelberg

Grandfather of Punk sings the praises of wildlife hospital

WHO would have thought the Grandfather of Punk would become the advocate of our soft furry, feathery friends on the Northern Rivers.

Turns out, Iggy Pop has long been an advocate for wildlife - his cockatoo "son" Biggy Pop even has his own Instagram account with almost 90,000 followers, which he used yesterday to highlight the great work being done by the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital.

The wildlife hospital in turn, has named Biggy Pop its founding patron.


Biggy posted: " Hey Everyone! Hope life is being kind to you … Please check out my friends at the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital. They are doing amazing work for my wildlife cousins in need of treatment, rehabilitation, and general preservation and protection in Aus (one of the most beautiful places on planet earth).

"Last year was particularly catastrophic for Australia. Now BBWH is on a mission to help preserve the animals that are left, as they truly are, a global treasure.

"If you have a moment, please take a look at what they are doing, and if you are in a position to donate, please do that too. I'll see you all before you know it."

The wildlife hospital announced the honour it bestowed on Biggy with the following statement on its website.

"I'm a bird, and a real wild one, and I have many cockatoo cousins in Australia," squawked Biggy, from his home near Miamiin the USA.

"I was so distressed to hear that 180 million birds died in the catastrophic bushfire crisis that killed over 3 billion native animals in Australia."

"Being Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital's founding patron means I can connect with and support my friends and relatives in the magical land of Oz."

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Iggy Pop explained how he met Biggy: "About 12 years ago, a roadside vendor in a remote part of Florida stuffed Biggy, who was very young, into a tiny cafe alongside some chickens, by the side of the road".

"He seemed be in peril of a bad future. So we decided to take care of him, responsibly. And we have. He gets, and gives a lot of love."

Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital Founder and CEO, Dr Stephen Van Mil said: "When we heard that Iggy cares as much about wildlife as we do, it made perfect sense for Biggy Pop to be our founding patron. We are over the moon and truly honoured that he's the bird to help us spread the word. Together, with Biggy, we're doing this #forthewildlife."

If you'd like to support Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, go to