BRUNSWICK HEADS: Playing at Brunswick Heads in the brilliant spring sunshine last week were J Lofts and Blossom.
BRUNSWICK HEADS: Playing at Brunswick Heads in the brilliant spring sunshine last week were J Lofts and Blossom.

Good times abound at our bowls clubs

ONCE again player showed that good sporting behaviour and friendship is more important than winning – most of the time.

Across the region, clubs held successful events and members counted themselves fortunate compares with their colleagues down south in that they can play the game they love when they want.

From a social distance, of course.


Tuesday Sept 1, 2020

Following our cerebral AGM this morning, it was time to get out onto the greens, forget the brain strain and just enjoy ourselves.

GOOD TO A T: Enjoying a game at Brunswick Heads last week were T Graham and T Kidman.
GOOD TO A T: Enjoying a game at Brunswick Heads last week were T Graham and T Kidman.

Results – Open Pairs Final

Today’s game between – J, Simpson, J Sanderson, Blossom and J Quigley, M Crichton, J Lofts has been suspended until 8/9/20.

Results – Social Bowls

T Graham, L Glee, S Pearce (11) def T Kidman, K Maxwell, K Dexter (8).

S Allen, E Scattergood, M Frederick (13) def M Darby, G Johnson, I Pettendy (11).

Today’s Winners: Sherril, Lee, Tracey.

Lucky Losers: Iona, Glynis, Marg.

Raffle: Marcia

Notices – Happy Birthday to Ilona and Sharon.


Wednesday 2nd September

Winners = G. Connolly, C. Haynes & N. Moran def J. Newell, D. Skinner & H. Lavelle

S. McGuire, J. Dwyer & A. James def L. Ivers, A. Temple & I. Watson

P. Brown, C. Doyle & A. McLean def M. Jordan, R. Skirrey & N. Hawkes

All 3 winning teams all ended up with the same total score.

Friday 4th September

Winners = J. Newell, G. Connolly, S. Birrell & A. James def J. Mason, P. Brown, D. Skinner & N. Moran

September Raffles = J. Cooke


Uncle Fester’s ‘Little Brown Jug’ 3 Bowl Pairs Day. Named after the Little Brown Jug Pub in Sydney where Uncle Fester spent his prime years and a great idea plus one way to change from the normal Triples played every Sunday.

TROPHY TRIO: At the Cherry St Sandflies Uncle Festers Little Brown Jug Trophy was presented to (L-R) Spearo and Johnny Fullerstuff by Uncle Fester (standing behind.)
TROPHY TRIO: At the Cherry St Sandflies Uncle Festers Little Brown Jug Trophy was presented to (L-R) Spearo and Johnny Fullerstuff by Uncle Fester (standing behind.)

All names drawn out of the hat to make it fair with one ‘fixed event’ with Little Joe not knowing if would make 25 ends and Dasher – having his first game back after a shoulder fix-up end up being runners up with Dasher and Uncle Fester 19 and Little Joe with Patrick Kearney 6.

Winners on the day were Ian Hannaby and Kenny Arthur 22 to 18 against John Dennis and Luke Clifford. Winners of the famous trophy was Spearo and Johnny Fullerstuff with a 33 to 13 win against Steve Russell and Paul Buckingham.

Triples next Sunday and great to see some new lads joining up with the Sandflies and playing at Ballina’s Premier and only Bowling Club – Cherry Street Sports.


Thursday Men’s Bowls: 3-9-20

L.Softley, G.Painter 36 d M.Weaver, P.Korol 11 G.Hale, S.Gregory 30 d D.Pearce, G.Rose 16

J.Cook, A.Pearce 26 d J.Bancroft, S.Fields 12 J.Nilon, T.Gibson 26 d C.Parkes, R.Parkes 14

P.Mazzini, B.Broadbent 19 d D.Allen, W.Griffin 15 T.Heffernan, Rocco 17 d G.Sharp, P.Russell 14.

Saturday Social Bowls: 5-9-20

A.Gaggin, T.Cheli 32 d R.Parkes, J.Cook 15 G.Pollard, B, Lee 29 d R.Prior, W.Morrissey 12

D.Sirach, N.Harding 13 d J.McRae, G.T.Scotcher 10 T.Gibson, A.Maslen 25 d G.Sharp, G.Finnigan 18 B.Harmon, G.Painter 19 d G.Finnie, L.Softley 17

Saturday A Grade Pairs Finals Championship: 5-9-20

Rocco. J.Wyborn 25 d P.Maloney, J.Beard 6

Saturday B Grade Singles Championship: 5-9-20

B.Stevens 31 d J.Wyborn 15 G.Painter d P.Korol (forfeit)

Saturday B Grade Pairs Championship: 5-9-20

T.Prior, M.Prior 27 d G.Donnelly, P.Russell 24

Thursday Men’s Bowls: 27-8-20

M.Gooley, W.Griffin 36 d T.Gibson, R.Parkes 21 P.Mazzini, J.Nilon, J.Beard 28 d D.Allen, P.Korol, Rocco 14 L.Softley, D.Watson 22 d B.Broadbent, P.Russell 9 M.Weaver, G.Painter 24 d J.Cook, G.Hale 22

Saturday Social Bowls: 29-8-20

R.Parkes, W.Griffin 41 d R.Prior, Rocco 10 G.Finnigan, N.Harding 22 d G.Sharp, A.Gaggin 12 S.Crowther, L.Softley, W.Morrissey 28 d T.Gibson, R.Nind, A.Pearce 19 G.Hale, T.Cheli 31 d M.Gooley, S.Gregory 26 G.Pollard, B.Lee 19 11 ends t J.Cook, P.Russell 19 10 ends

Sunday B Grade Singles Championship: 30-8-20

B.Stevens 31 d M.Prior 14


Wednesday September 2

W Farrell D Condon B Hyde def R Clark B Studders R Felton + 15, S Barton J Holland R Goebel def P Anderson J Arnold G Lavelle + 13, B Ryan J King def P Crewe K Hayes + 12, J Howard P Doyle def S Darragh R McKenna + 8,

Mixed fours championship M Marton L Mulchay D Warren N Bodycote def G King T Burgess K Walters D Zelcer 18 to 16.

Saturday September 5

D Petherbridge M Martin R McKenna def D Petherbridge K Walters T Winkler + 17, B Ellis D Farrell def R Birmingham D Warren+ 4, T Hoffman B Hyde def S Barton T Holder + 1, R Crawford N Bodycote def W Farrell K Hayes + 1.

Mixed pairs championship J Holland J King def D Condon L Condon 19 to 17, Triples T Burgess N Parker P Doyle def P Anderson D Zelcer R Goebel 26 to 9.

“Tradies Day” triples Saturday September 12.

A.G.M. Saturday September 26 10.30.


Tuesday 1 Men’s Social:

J. Clark, I. Hannaby, I. Carruth d G. Russell, J. Adams, J. Bowen; C. Ulrick, F. Alcoat, K. Cobb d R. Roberts, D. Gregor, S. Prasad; G. McLaren, W. Hampson, G. Bowden d G. Mains, A. Ross, S. Lewis; K. Watts, B. Lynch, G. Hair d J. Dudgeon, D. Howell, K. Pringle; I. Burton, D. DeWitt, Warner d W. Thatcher, P. Blair, J. Nasser; G. Gaggin, R. Pollock, B. Schweitzer d G. Stores, B. Lyndon, G. Ensbey; J. Dennis, Moooose, R. Reid d R. Condie, T. Collier, G. Hickey.

Saturday 5 Club Major Pairs Championship Final:

P. Blair, P. Sharp d R. Reid, G. Hickey. Mixed Social: J. Stewart, Frosty, S. Prasad d J. Burgess, A. Ross, G. Ironfield; G. McLaren, J. Church d D. Hewitt, B. Sullivan; C. Roberts, A. Hewitt d J. Dreyer, I. Carruth; B. Knott, W. Hampson, S. Pollitt d L. Opperman, R. Roberts, K. Innes; J. Frear, D. Frazier d S. Johnson, F. Bell.

Wednesday 2 Ladies Social:

B. McKirdy, J. Burgess, G. Martin d P. Gray, V. Munster, S. Pollitt; M. Hanaway, W. Ross, J. Stewart d M. Hanaway, D. Strong, A. Humphries; C. Howell, J. Fogarty d L. Schweitzer, B. Sullivan; D. Adams/M. Hadler, C. Roberts, A. Hewitt d A. Dunger/J. Brook, L. Opperman, K. Innes, B. Knott, J. Church d J. Dreyer, S. Nicol.


Results Mens Triples Tuesday Sept 1, 2020.

There were (26) Players Winners were P Mazzini L Burgett O Dardengo 23 d F Poole O De Martin 16, R/U W Trenter R Taylor 19 d P Raleigh S Casagrande 17, M, Collins T Clarke 24 d G Cahill K Coss 16, B Riordan N Miller T Batchelor 26 d J Ryan M Ivan C McHattan 9, K Bertoli C Petersen J Durheim 22 d L Cheli A Elliott R Cornell 16.

Last week’s Goonellabah Quality Meats Super Friday Pairs had a full field of 28 teams.

On green 1 the winners with 21 margin was Roy Taylor and Tom Batchelor with the runners-up prize going to Oliver Dardengo and John Donadel. Third prize went to Mick Collins and Percy Langby with 9 margin.

On green 2 first prize with 31 margin went to John Buckingham and Steve Gregory (East Lismore).

Second prize went to Phil Lobban and Chris McHattan with Mario Ivan and Les Selwood with 10 margin taking out third prize.

The lucky loser team prize went to Lido Cheli and Bill Trenter.

The next Super Friday Pairs is on the 9th October. Teams can be entered in the Super Friday Folder at the Clubs Bowls Office.

Results Saturday Pairs Sept 5, 2020

There were (26) players winners P Lobban R Petersen 28 d P Raleigh C Petersen 10, 2nd M Collins A Lavis 27 d L Devine J Hospers 13, L Turnbull M Storey 20 d P Corcoran O Dardengo 18, R Taylor W Trenter R Cornell 22 d L Cheli D Heaton O De Martin 18.

The Final of the Open Fours was Played with Winner being L Allen D Buggy G Cahill W Ianna 22 d D Brymer T Batchelor T Clarke J Durheim 21 – Congratulations to the Winners.

Box Draw Tuesday September 8 – J Donadel K Gillespie Friday Sept 11 – K Coss M Collins

Saturday Sept 12

T Clarke P CorcoranTuesday 15th September. S Casagrande R Cornell

Raffle Roster

Friday 11th September R Marriott J Rebbeck J McKinley F McKinley.

Raffle Roster Sunday 13th September N Elliott A Elliott J Ianna R Marriott


Tuesday, September 1 results:

N Elliott, L Turnbull (daily prize winners) d R Baker, J Cornell; C Johnson, A Fields, D James d J Ianna, C Batchelor, E Fowler; R Campbell, K Granatelli, D Corcoran d W McHattan, B Durheim, J Donadel; D Cahill, R Hodge, D Quail d D Cahill, B Ryan, L Allen.

Thursday, 3rd September:

Results of the first round of the club pairs: K Granatelli, D James (daily prize winners) d D Quail, D Corcoran; L Turnbull, E Fowler d J Donadel, C Danelon. Social: J Ianna, L Cupitt, A Fields d W McHattan, A O’Connor, B Durheim; F McKinley, C Johnson, B Ryan d B Marriott, N Elliott, L Allen.

The semi final of the club pairs will be played on Tuesday, 8th September, with the final on Thursday, 10th September.

Box duty: Tuesday, 8th September: J Donadel, N Elliott. Thursday, 10th September: L Turnbull, D Quail.


Tuesday Winning teams were:

J Quinlin, Joan Rose, G Rose – G Couch, Jane Rose, W Davis – L Church, B Turner – M Moss, R Springall, Rocco

Friday: L Bryant, N Nugent, C Vanderwall – M Moss, R Hoskin, D Smart – C Tait, R Springall, J Rose drew with C Tait, G Moss, R Partridge

Saturday: L Kennedy, W Woods, R Hoskin – Jane Rose, J Piper – K Hoffman, R Partridge, B Hutchinson – Greg Rose, N Nugent –

Championship Pairs G Sullivan, J Fowler 28 def G Cox, W Davis 9- -I Osbourne, M Rose 38 def B Fowler, G Fowler 18

Triples – L church, S Smart, R Walker 21 def N McDonald, G Moss, D Pearce 15


Wednesday Winners.

G. Osborne, P.Sivewright. Runners Up. John, Houghton, M. Wawn. Saturday Winners G. McMahon, D. Knight, G. McPherson. Runners Up. E. Bostic, G. Clarke, T.Houghton. Club Triples. S. Gough, N.Rapmund, G. Coughlin defeated J. Scholten, S.Stefanaras, J. Wisemantel. G. McMahon, D. Knight, G. McPherson defeated T.Canini, G. Clifford, S. Clarke. M.Wawn, M. Thorley, D. Mott defeated G. Osborne, B.Fredericks, I.Martin. E. Bostic, G. Clarke, T.Houghton defeated R. Watt, P . Carter, Jim. Houghton.

Draw for the 13th of before. John Houghton, D.Prestly, T. Turcato vs. G. McMahon, D. Knight, G. McPherson. E. Bostic, G. Clarke, T.Houghton vs. D . Rodgers, W. Brecard, S.Brecard. S. Gough, N.Rapmund, G. Coughlin vs. K.McKinerney, D. Hellyar, B.Mathews. Club Fours sheet on the board.

Wonder Wednesday is this Wednesday.

Bowlers Paradise Versatile Triples is on the 27th September at 9am 4 Rounds consisting of Singles, Pairs, Triples with each team must have 8 points on this years Pennant Grading. Only NRDBA Clubs.