Australian athletes kept outside in the sun.
Australian athletes kept outside in the sun.

Aussie athletes ‘forced to bake in the sun’

HOT on the heels of Sunday night's closing ceremony debacle, Australia's Commonwealth Games athletes have again been treated shabbily, forced to bake in the sun at an official team reception at Surfers Paradise.

As Games and city officials say on a shaded podium, Australian athletes were forced to sit in the sun listening to another round of speeches.

In sweltering conditions, the athletes - turned shorts and accreditation passes into makeshift hats as they sought respite.

In Surfers for a meet and greet with fans, the athletes had to sit in the sun for more than 30 minutes as speeches and interviews were conducted.


The community event for the Aussie athletes has done little to make up for last night's disappointment at the Closing Ceremony.

Athletes singing autographs for fans Pictures: Kirsten Payne
Athletes singing autographs for fans Pictures: Kirsten Payne

Swimmer Mitch Larkin said athletes were left confused and disappointed by the ceremony last night at Carrara Stadium.

"They tried something different and unfortunately it didn't pay off," The Gold Medal winner said.

"I don't think Kurt (Fearnley) was disappointed but it was a shame we couldn't get behind him as flag bearer," he said.

"We were remembering what's important," he said.

Kurt Fearnley. Photo Tim Marsden
Kurt Fearnley. Photo Tim Marsden

Athlete Michael Hosking had no words to describe the closing ceremony experience and instead said the athletes passed the time "having a bit of fun with the crowd to create a bit of atmosphere," he said.

"This morning has been pretty awesome, it's great to have the opportunity to meet supporters and give back," he said.

Hosking said he didn't mind the idea of a parade.

Gold Coast resident Lynn Stasiakowski was more enthusiastic.

"I was sitting right there at the ceremony we were looking for our colours waiting to see the athletes," she said.

"I think a ticker-tape parade will go some way to making up for the disaster, we need to recognise our own team properly," she said.

Athletes remain enclosed on the beach infringe of the stage, looking on to shaded officials as crowds gather outside the perimeter.

"You're all great Australians," Mayor Tom Tate told the waiting athletes.