Kerry having a laugh.
Kerry having a laugh.

She did what? Gogglebox star shocks with sex confession

We didn't see this one coming.

Viewers tuning into Gogglebox on Foxtel last night got more than they bargained for when Kerry Silbery dropped a revealing sex confession out of nowhere.

Speaking to her mum, Emmie, and daughter, Isabelle, the middle-aged single revealed she had been "sexting", and it didn't quite go to plan.

"I got into a lot of trouble the other night, I was sexting," Kerry started, much to the shock of her family.

"Oh my god you cannot start a sentence like that," Isabelle said, covering her face.

Kerry putting it all out there.
Kerry putting it all out there.

But it didn't stop there. Kerry took the conversation to a whole new level of awkward.

"I sent it to the wrong person," Kerry laughed.

"You're disgusting mum," Isabelle replied.

She doesn’t seem too worried about what the wrong recipient thinks.
She doesn’t seem too worried about what the wrong recipient thinks.

Meanwhile, Emmie, who turned 90 in August, had a hard time figuring out what sexting meant.

"Sexing? Texting? Texing?," she quizzed, before Kerry and Isabelle explained it to her.

"So with texting, can that be saved?," she asked.

Yes Emmie. It absolutely can be saved. Forever.

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‘What’s sexing?’
‘What’s sexing?’

The Silbery women are known among fans of the show to be a refreshingly open family.

Last month Isabelle, in a column written for Whimn, candidly discussed her sex life with new boyfriend Luke and the ups and downs of navigating a relationship after a divorce.

"The last few months have been filled with drawn-out dates consisting of hours of deep conversation, dancing, laughter, tears and sex with no inhibitions," Isabelle wrote.

"We have major chemistry, but even though we are physically attracted to each other like magnets, it's his heart and brain that do what a chiselled jaw and a six-pack used to do to me: make me melt."

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