God forbid that we talk to each other

I JUST don't get it - technology, that is.

While I am definitely handicapped when it comes to understanding Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I do sort of get them.

What I don't get is people who send you emails when they could just pick the phone up and talk to you.

Or talk to you in person.

Then there are the iPods and phones that enable people to sit around with earphones in, texting each other rather than actually talking.

I just love it when you meet someone on a beach track at 6am but they can't say hello as they have earphones in.

Just as you approach, they suddenly have to look down at their gadget to check on music selection, which enables them the opportunity to avoid saying hello.

Another thing that I don't get is LinkedIn.

I know it's a network link, sort of like Facebook but a business connection rather than social.

I have subscribed for a few years because it is one of those things that is easier to stay in than get out of.

But something funny happened the other day that makes me wonder where our world is going.

There is this guy who I see at different social functions. He knows people I know but he never says hello.

I put that down to him thinking I am a tosser, which is fine because it's a pretty common opinion.

Then, out of the blue, the same guy wants to connect on LinkedIn.

I thought it was bizarre but still accepted the link.

In an incredible coincidence, I ran into the bloke at a function the next day.

I said "hello" as I thought we were now besties.

Guess what. He ignored me!

I find that amazing. Let's connect via some annoying network, but don't expect to get a "hello" out if we run into each other.

Maybe it would have been better at the turn of the century when there was fear that every computer in the world would shut down.

We might have had to all start from scratch and begin conversing with each other.

On a completely different note but just as confusing, I can't wait to see the "actual" cost of the Noosa de-amalgamation, because the figure the Hastings Street mob is quoting is a lot less than what others south of the imaginary border are predicting.

If there is a blowout, the mayor up there may get a few less "hellos" from his constituents.