Jon Snow and
Jon Snow and

What’s in store for GoT’s minor stars

George RR Martin has famously promised a "bittersweet" ending for Game Of Thrones, and we suspect much of the attention will be on Jon and Daenerys - but what does that mean for the remaining minor characters?

After the slaughter at Winterfell and then at King's Landing, there are few left. So let's look at what could be in store for them.


At the moment she is Warden of the North but the show teased that she would both marry a Baratheon and become a queen.

HAPPY ENDING: Falls in love with Gendry Baratheon and rules Winterfell - or perhaps even all of Westeros

SAD ENDING: Daenerys already thinks of her as an enemy. If Dany beats Jon Snow, she will come north with her dragon and finish off Sansa



Deadly assassin who has been enraged by the slaughter in the streets after she failed to save a family.

HAPPY ENDING: The Hound's sacrifice to save her life has changed her. Dany is the last person she kills. She finds her old direwolf Nymeria and lives happily at Winterfell. Or maybe becomes Jon's super-spy, hunting down evildoers in the new Westeros

SAD ENDING: Sacrifices herself to save Jon or leaves Westeros to go back to Braavos


Jon Snow and Arya Stark reunite in a scene from episode one of season 8 of Game Of Thrones. Picture: HBO/Foxtel
Jon Snow and Arya Stark reunite in a scene from episode one of season 8 of Game Of Thrones. Picture: HBO/Foxtel



Just betrayed his Queen to save his brother Jaime - although that didn't work out too well for Jaime or Cersei.

HAPPY ENDING: Becomes Hand of the King/Queen to either Jon Snow, Gendry or Sansa

SAD ENDING: Gets roasted alive by an angry Dany



As the now-legitimate son of King Robert, has a strong claim to the throne. His offer of marriage to Arya was rejected.

HAPPY ENDING: Falls in love with Sansa, helps rule Winterfell and/or King's Landing

SAD ENDING: Dies alone, a bloated drunkard like King Robert, riddled with grief after Arya's rejection



Last seen sobbing uncontrollably after Jaime Lannister left her. Sworn to protect Sansa Stark.

HAPPY ENDING: Finds comfort in the arms of Tormund Giantsbane

SAD ENDING: Gets roasted alive along with Sansa when a vengeful Dany comes north


Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister. Picture: HBO
Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister. Picture: HBO



Headed back north with the last of the Wildlings after Brienne chose Jaime.

HAPPY ENDING: Brienne sweeps him off his feet at the coronation of Jon Snow

SAD ENDING: Gets eaten when he tries to live out his oft-repeated tale of having sex with a she-bear



Jon's loyal right-hand man, also horrified by Dany's slaughter of King's Landing.

HAPPY ENDING: Finds that northern orphan who looks like Shireen Baratheon and adopts her, healing the emptiness after his son was killed and Shireen burned alive

SAD ENDING Burned to death by a dragon



Dany's loyal general who has fallen apart after Cersei had his true love Missandei killed.

HAPPY ENDING: Sorry folks, after Missandei died, there isn't one for poor Grey Worm

SAD ENDING: Dies defending Dany


Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen. Picture: HBO
Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen. Picture: HBO



The Three-Eyed Raven sees all - but doesn't do much about it.

HAPPY ENDING: Learns to use his powers to help cousin Jon rule wisely

SAD ENDING: Roasted to a crisp by Dany



Hiding out, hoping to collect a fat reward from Tyrion or Jaime Lannister.

HAPPY ENDING: Becomes the ruler of Highgarden

SAD ENDING: Killed by an angry whore he forgot to pay or a sexually transmitted disease



Still back at Winterfell with pregnant wife Gilly.

HAPPY ENDING: Becomes an Arch Maester and writes the story of Game Of Thrones and how his best mate Jon Snow became king

SAD ENDING: Lots of dragonfire



Brienne's loyal squire and possessor of a magic penis. Yes, really!

HAPPY ENDING: Becomes a knight and serves loyally

SAD ENDING: You guessed it, more dragon fire