They think you're some kind of god

THE resurrection of Jon Snow is one most fans anticipated at the end of the fifth season but was finally confirmed last week.

The Lord Commander's death at the hands of his own man proved a shocking end to last season, and his fate was the subject of numerous online and fan discussions.

While his body has risen again courtesy of Melisandre's magic (and Davos' fine pep talk), in what shape will favourite bastard be?

The only other character to have been resurrected (so far) is The Mountain, who is more akin to Frankenstein than the over-sized human he already was.

Snow does not boast a similar appearance.

He appears to be normal (with a few stab wounds for good measure), and in the trailer appears to walk out of the room in which his body was kept.

How he actually is, and how is men respond to their resurrection of their former leader, may be influential on episodes to come

After all, his watch technically ended when he died, leaving his future wide open.

Kit Harrington as Jon Snow in a scene from season six of Game of Thrones.
Kit Harrington as Jon Snow in a scene from season six of Game of Thrones. Contributed

Why have you come to Winterfell?

Ramsay Bolton has already cemented himself as one of the least-liked characters in Game of Thrones' history.

His treatment of Sansa Stark left a sour taste in many viewers' mouths, and last week was responsible for the murder of his father Roose Bolton and baby brother (the latter was ripped apart by dogs who acted at his command).

Ramsay, who turned Theon Greyjoy into his pet Reek, has been obsessed with moving north and taking the Wall, and it appears as if Roose's death means nothing is in his way.

His appearance in this week's trailer is most concerning.

What could be the gift?

The gift could be entirely innocent, but knowing Ramsay it will most likely be one or two people his men have taken prisoner.

Maisie Williams in a scene from season six, episode 3 of the TV series Game of Thrones.
TRAINING: Arya Stark continues her journey in Braavos. Contributed

Now it ends

A young Ned Stark's appearance could mean we are about to learn more about the Mad King, but could it also simply be another of Bran's visions?

Stark appears moments before a battle, though for what reason he is fighting we do not yet know.

It is most intriguing as Ned Stark hasn't been seen since the first season, when Sean Bean's Lord of Winterfell was beheaded in King's Landing at Joffrey's order.

But why has King Robert Baratheon's former right-hand man returned to our screens?

It would make sense if his return coincided with Bran's teachings.

In Bran's visions last week we learned Hodor was formerly known as Wyllis, and could say more than just "Hodor".

In any case, it will no doubt be linked very closely to this season's evolution.