REVOLTING DEVELOPMENTS: They keep coming at you like a cement-block Frankenstein monster.
REVOLTING DEVELOPMENTS: They keep coming at you like a cement-block Frankenstein monster. Contributed

Further revolting developments

MAN versus building - the struggle is very, very real in Byron.

Here in the magical shire of princess fairy rainbow dolphins and lethally expensive, well, everything, we are but a hair's breadth away from becoming a parody of ourselves - a tourist theme park based on the idea of what Byron once was and who we used to be.

One of the main factors at play here is real estate and the amount of dollars to be squeezed per square metre out of it as quickly as possible.

There's a life-or-death debate seething constantly over exactly how wide, high, handsome or otherwise buildings should be.

There's several projects on the drawing board, on display at the council and on the go here that test this notion. Some are so very, very big we don't even get a say in them.

Things like the sprawling West Byrons get whisked away to Macquarie St so they can decide what's good for us. I reckon the West Byrons - which, make no mistake, will be back - could wind up looking not dissimilar to Ferngrove, that walled subdivision on Tamarind Dr in Ballina opposite Supercheap Auto and Aldi.

Some may feel a walled subdivision is the best thing since sliced white bread but beard-ey wankers like me are not so sure about that.

There's plenty on the go development-wise being spruiked in Byron from "boutique future Airbnb” size up to your common- or-garden "gaudy monstrosity”, not to mention the bizarre "child-minding centre with downhill ski run”-type head-scratchers.

It can be tough for day-to-day locals to get a handle on all this - to maintain liveability in our neighbourhoods and preserve the look and feel of the place we all love, even if we can't agree on what that may be.

Putting the kibosh on unsuitable developments can be like fighting off zombies, even for the council. You think you've blown its brains out but it gets back up twice as ugly as before and keeps coming at you like a cement-block Frankenstein monster.