The challenge has given people in lockdown a chance to show off their creativity.
The challenge has given people in lockdown a chance to show off their creativity.

Funniest meme to come from COVID-19

Art galleries and museums aren't often associated with having a strong sense of humour.

That's why it's a little unexpected that one of the funniest memes to come from the coronavirus pandemic stems from some of the world's most highbrow art houses.

As we are grounded and can't travel to Paris, Amsterdam or New York to see these priceless works in person, people have been recreating iconic artworks at home instead.


It began late in March when the Getty Museum in Los Angeles put a call-out to its online followers.


Picture: Twitter
Picture: Twitter

Getty's challenge was inspired by an Instagram account from Amsterdam, @tussenkunstenquarantaine, (meaning "between art and quarantine" in Dutch), which features an impressive selection of recreated artworks. This got the #artchallenge hashtag trending, and with that a new viral meme was born.






Sarah Waldorf, social media lead at Getty, told Yahoo Lifestyle: "We wanted to offer up a creative challenge to find refuge from the uncertain state of the world and to spark excitement to get creative - no extra materials required."

There were four simple rules for Getty's challenge: choose an artwork, find three items in the house, recreate the work and share the results.

The museum received thousands of online submissions and the results were astonishingly good.

It brought so much joy to people in lockdown that the New York Times declared "art recreation is the only good Instagram challenge … these images have formed a living archive of creativity in isolation."







Other galleries and museums around the world then got on board - staff members from the Rijksmuseum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Louvre, the Getty and the Hermitage have reportedly taken part.










There are now tens of thousands of recreations to explore. You can find them by searching the hashtags #mettwinning, #betweenartandquarantine and #gettymuseumchallenge.

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