Australian Survivor contestant, podiatrist and PT, Odette Blacklock. Image: Supplied
Australian Survivor contestant, podiatrist and PT, Odette Blacklock. Image: Supplied

'Full of s---': What's wrong with Fitspo stuff on Instagram

This PT just got real about what you see on social media.

While scrolling social media is great for a dose of inspiration when you'd rather skip a sweat session, it's important to remember even your favourite #fitspo faces don't always look perfect.

Sure, most of us are aware the bodies we see on Instagram are unrealistic - read: retouched - but that doesn't stop many of us from comparing ourselves unfavourably to what we see on our feeds.

Spoiler alert: Everyone has a stomach when they sit down in a sports bra.

That's why Sydney podiatrist, run coach and personal trainer, Odette Blacklock, is getting real about what often goes into those fitness posts - and we love her message.

"First of all, I've met a lot of people in this arena, and to be frank, most of them are full of absolute shit," Odette Blacklock, 32, told

"A small proportion practice what they are preach and almost none look the same in real life. In saying that, it's refreshing to know we are all just human."

While social media can be a help get you motivated, it can also be a hindrance. According to recent research published in the New Media & Society journal, those who spend time looking at fitness influencers and models on Instagram for just 30 minutes a day were more likely they were to be unhappy with their own bodies.

"It's a double edged sword, because finding the right information and guidance in a sea of personal opinions and pseudo-science, on top of unreal expectations can leave us feeling confused and overwhelmed about where to start," explains Blacklock.

Of course, how your feed affects your mental health and self-esteem also depends on who you follow.

"They say you are like the five people you interact with the most (real or virtual). If your health and fitness inspiration is not translating into actions that are making you fitter, healthier, happier or more fulfilled, you are following and taking note from the wrong people or pages. No matter what uniquely inspires you, you should see the results otherwise it's a waste of your precious energy."

So how can you get a hit of fitspo elsewhere? Conjure it up yourself with a 'runner's high' - the rush of endorphins you feel after a sweaty workout. The exact cause of a runner's high is still up for debate, though researchers recognise it has something to do with how the body - and brain - change during exercise.

"The best thing about this high is that it's natural and you only need a little bit of motivation and a good pair of trainers to get it. I personally make the most of it, by getting the dopest playlist and the freshest and most functional kicks. My favourites are the Bandit 3 from Under Armour right now."

Sounds like a solid game plan to us.