The golden fields glimmer as the sun comes up.
The golden fields glimmer as the sun comes up. Contributed

Fresh harvest from the garden after divine trip away

I ARRIVED home from my trip to Tasmania with 30 travel articles to write for a company in England, so I've been hunkered down in my comfy armchair writing stories of Ireland and Italy, Greece, Germany and Israel.

It is inspiring work, but sedentary, so I come up with all sorts of ways to keep active.

One surefire way is to get a new puppy, a gorgeous Rottweiler we named Fezzik after the gentle giant in the movie, "The Princess Bride."

He may be small at the moment, but he is fiercely protective of me already, and we adore him for it.

He is cute as can be, but requires me to get outside every hour on the hour for walks and piddles and tummy rubs and cuddles.

I love it.

I haven't done much in my gardens except maintain, keeping everything watered until this writing project is complete and I can get out there to weed and harvest and plant.


A feather rests in the grass.
A feather rests in the grass. Contributed

The first carrots of autumn are ready, as are the leeks, red onions, and rainbow silverbeet.

It is wonderful, when life is busy, to be able to dash outside and pick leeks for soup, silverbeet for eggs, and carrots for dipping in hummus or pureed roast pumpkin.

Our medieval season has begun, so we've been busy making shields for a Warwick school to use in their medieval fair, making heaps of woolen tassels for decorating our Bedouin market stall, and painting the final coats onto our high-backed medieval chairs.

It feels so good to get each project finished and know we're almost ready for our first event of the year.

With so much writing to occupy me, we've been making food that works well as leftovers so Bear can focus on all the farm work while I write my little heart out.

Roast pork with veggies is always a winner, and the leftover meat can be diced for fried rice, sliced for toasted sandwiches, or just eaten cold with a bit of cheese and some raw veggies for a quick lunch.

Soup is another stand-by, and we've been enjoying big mugs of beef vegetable soup and curried carrot soup on these cooler autumn evenings.

Now the sun is up and it's time for breaky and a big cup of coffee as I enter the home stretch on my travel writing project.