The Gallagher brothers have famously feuded for many years.
The Gallagher brothers have famously feuded for many years.

Former Oasis frontman threw popcorn at his brother

LIAM Gallagher chucked popcorn at Noel Gallagher's face whenever he appeared onscreen in 'Supersonic'.

The 44-year-old singer was so irritated at seeing his 49-year-old sibling when he watched their new Oasis documentary that he "heckled" him and lobbed handfuls of cooked corn at the TV.

The brothers - who have barely spoken since the band imploded - are no strangers to slinging mud at each other in the media and director Mat Whitecross found it "nerve wracking" but was amused at Liam's reaction when he watched the final cut of the movie with him for the first time.

Life-long Oasis fan Mat shared: "That was the most nerve-racking experience of my life, showing the film to them. Liam just loved it. He was chucking popcorn at the screen whenever Noel came on and that sort of thing and just heckling him when he was talking.

"Liam is just very happy to watch himself on screen, he's watched it about 100 times now. He's into it."

The brothers went their separate ways when the group disbanded in 2009 following a huge backstage bust-up between before a concert in Paris, France.

Noel has gone on to release two solo albums, while Liam made two records with new band Beady Eye and is currently recording his own solo LP and Matt doesn't think they'll have the time to bring back the band but it he'd love them to for "their family's sake".

He told the Evening Standard newspaper: "Just as much as anyone I'd love to see them back together again, just on a personal level, for their sake and for their family's sake.

"But I think the next two years are kind of out of the question because they've both got solo albums. After that, who knows? I hope so, I don't see why not.

"The one thing that comes across in those interviews that I showed them when we met up was the amount of love there and I think still remains. The bickering is pretty petty. I remember talking to Noel about this - I've known [Coldplay frontman] Chris Martin for a really long time and he's best mates with Chris, and he was saying Chris was like, 'Get on the phone, get on the phone.' "