Coalition cut NBN lifeline to key Ipswich suburbs

IPSWICH residents have been let down by the Coalition Government's decision to terminate the National Broadband Network fibre rollout in key Ipswich suburbs.

That is the word from Blair MP Shayne Neumann who said thousands of local residents and businesses in key Ipswich suburbs would now have to rely on last century's copper for their broadband.

Mr Neumann said the Coalition was denying hundreds of thousands of Australians access to the educational, health, lifestyle and commercial opportunities that fibre to the home delivers.

"Overnight Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull have pulled the plug on suburbs in Ipswich including Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Riverview, Dinmore, Collingwood Park, Leichhardt, Wulkuraka, Karrabin, Yamanto and Churchill, preventing them from receiving fibre-to-the-home broadband services," Mr Neumann said.

"This is despite the fact that under Labor, these suburbs were scheduled to receive fibre connections in the coming months."

Mr Neumann said residents would be left with second-rate technology as a result.

"Residents and businesses in Ipswich will be left with one of two choices - battle on using outdated copper, or fork out up to $5000 to have fibre connected to their home or business," he said.

"Our community was looking forward to the benefits and opportunities that affordable, high-speed fibre broadband would bring to the area, but the Abbott Government has taken this away.

"They are now the first victims of the Liberal cuts to the NBN.

"The government should be ramping up the rollout of the NBN, not slowing it down indefinitely."