Federal govt websites 'cyber bombed'

IMPORTANT government websites will continue to be "cyber bombed" if plans to make users' private information available to security agencies go ahead, international hacking agency Anonymous has warned.

Since Prime Minister Julia Gillard took part in an online Q and A forum through Google on the weekend, 10 websites, all run by the Queensland Government, have been hacked.

The attacks are reportedly to be in response to the Federal Government's plans to force ISPs to store user data and make it available to agencies like ASIO.

One of the messages on an affected web page read: "Do you like the idea of surrendering your password or people spying on your Facebook or Twitter account? Nope, we didn't think you did. Your government seems to think that everyone in Australia is a terrorist."

Anonymous Australia told news.com.au it would continue to attack gov.au sites until the planned reforms were rejected.