IT IS the shocking discovery no parent should have to make.

Grieving father Laurie Simon made the heartbreaking trip at the weekend to a site where human remains believed to be those of his son were located last month.

He wanted to see the spot where he believes his son spent his last moments alive.

But what he discovered shocked him to his core.

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Mr Simon, talking exclusively to the Queensland Times, found more human remains in the same area where police and volunteers had searched at least two times

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Darrell Gene Simon,44, was last seen at a Mountain View Drive address on November 16, 2014, shortly before setting out on an early morning bike ride.


Darrell Simon (File pic from 2005).Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times
Darrell Simon (File pic from 2005).Photo: Rob Williams / The Queensland Times Michelle Smith

Skeletal remains were located on a property at Valley Vista Cres near Laidley last month.

It was the same property where Mr Simon's bicycle was discovered in a dam earlier this year.

Mr Simon said his discovery at the weekend was a kick in the guts and had really knocked him about.

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He said seeing the remains with his own eyes was the worst moment of his life.

"The new owners were fantastic. They took me up to where they located the remains so I could have a moment there by myself," he said.

"When I was at the spot I looked down and noticed a human vertebra.

"There were some other bones in the same area as well.

"The shock at what I was seeing was like a hit to the chest, it was just unbelievable and extremely emotional for me.

"I was absolutely devastated . . . it has affected me immensely."

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Mr Simon said he contacted police who sent officers to the site where they discovered more human remains they missed during the previous searches.

He said he got the distinct feeling that his son did not matter.

"I cannot believe all the effort and resources they have put into locating Sharron Phillips' remains and they cannot be bothered about my son," he said.

"Imagine the outcry and anger if something like this happened to Bruce and Denise Morcombe?

"I cannot believe they were so careless to leave parts of my son behind in that paddock.

"It is heartbreaking . . . it just goes to show how important my son's investigation is."

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Mr Simon said an autopsy on the remains located last month could not determine a cause of death.

He said DNA testing on whether the remains belong to his son are still being conducted but he was confident they were.

Police confirmed further human remains were discovered at the site and investigations were ongoing.