HAPPY YOUNGSTER: Finn Smith recovering in hospital.
HAPPY YOUNGSTER: Finn Smith recovering in hospital. Contributed

Family says little Finn will walk soon

FINN Smith's family believes he will walk again with the help of prosthetic legs.

The Sunshine Coast one-year-old has had several amputations at Brisbane Royal Children's Hospital after being diagnosed with deadly bacterial meningococcal in November.

Finn lost his left foot, had his left leg amputated below the knee, lost his right hand and parts of his left hand.

His mother Sarah Smith yesterday told The Daily he was in high spirits and the family hoped to have him home in late March or early April.

After having the last of his amputations two weeks ago Finn was healing nicely and he would have prosthetic legs fitted soon.

"We're very happy with how he is healing and he's doing well," Mrs Smith said.

"We'll keep monitoring to make sure there are no infections.

"After that we'll have prosthetic legs made, starting with a cast of his two legs and it will take two weeks to make the prosthetics.

"From there he'll start his rehabilitation and introduce the legs."

It is hoped Finn will have his prosthetics fitted in the next four to six weeks.

His mother said there was no firm timeline for him to return home and it would depend on how his wounds healed and how he progressed with his rehabilitation.

She said it was expected he would be able to walk again.

"There is no set time on him getting the prosthetics. Every child is different. It depends on how they heal and adapt," she said.

"With his balance it might take a bit longer.

"Once he's used to the prosthetics he's going to be able to get around. It will be a slow process.

"He's certainly in good spirits and the hospital staff are making sure he's comfortable. He's being weened off the pain medication little by little.

"But he's comfortable. He's always been happy."