Sydney nurses Lorraine Wilson and Wendy Evans.
Sydney nurses Lorraine Wilson and Wendy Evans. State Coroner’s Office

Families of murdered nurses to lay memorial stone

THE families of two young nurses murdered near Toowoomba 40 years ago will lay a memorial stone in their memory, according to reports.

Lorraine Wilson, 20, and Wendy Evans, 18, were raped and brutally murdered in a paddock near Murphys Creek in 1976.

The unsolved murders were the focus of a coronial inquest held in Toowoomba last year.

A gang of violent thugs known for assaulting people in Toowoomba's main street and grabbing girls are alleged to have been behind the murders.

Family of the two women appeared on 60 Minutes last night, revealing they plan to travel to Toowoomba to lay a memorial stone.

The coronial inquest heard the only man with enough evidence that could have seen him stand trial for the Murphys Creek murders is now dead..

At the inquest it was submitted there was sufficient evidence to establish a prima facie case for murder against Wayne "Boogie" Hilton.