Ellen loses it over Amy Schumer’s F-bomb


Amy Schumer's recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show left the host in tears of laughter, after the comedian dropped the F-bomb live.

While appearing on a television screen that sat on a chair opposite DeGeneres, the actress hilariously had fake legs dangling below the screen.

Amy Schumer had a hilarious ‘in-studio’ interview on Ellen.
Amy Schumer had a hilarious ‘in-studio’ interview on Ellen.


"My legs, are they too pale? I was so nervous," Schumer said, jokingly.
"I was going to use self-tanner, but at the last second decided just to go out there and dress up Amy and go down to the studio and look your best, and here I am!"

The discussion soon turned to Schumer's 17-month-old child Gene, who became the butt of their jokes when they talked about the time Schumer gave her son the middle name 'Attell'.

With his last name being Fischer, Schumer and her husband Chris discovered that his full name, Gene Attell Fischer, sounded like 'genital fissure'.

While on the show, Schumer dropped the F-bomb.
While on the show, Schumer dropped the F-bomb.

"You know how sometimes parents by accident name their children 'genital'?" Amy joked.

"We messed up SO bad right out the gate."

"So what's his middle name now?" DeGeneres asked.

"Oh this is so embarrassing," Amy continued, with her hand on her head. "It's f**k me."

This is when the TV host and audience lost in laughter.

"Did we mess up again?" Schumer joked.

The name 'Attell' came from the comedian wanting to pay tribute to close friend, fellow comedian Dave Attell. So instead, they changed Gene's middle name to 'David'.

DeGeneres then showed a photo of Gene on the large screen. In a video that Schumer shared, she was able to catch one of Gene's first words.

Gene, playing with a small toy kitchen, turns around and says the word "mum".

Schumer joked, "Or maybe he said 'bomb'. Either way, I was excited."

However, "mum" wasn't actually his first word.

"Actually that is not his first word, I was his second word. His first word is 'car', which definitely hurt both of our feelings," she said.

"He loves cars. I don't know, Chris and I don't care about cars, but he is obsessed. Anywhere we go … he just wants to be in the parking lot, he just wants to look at cars. Which is really convenient because everywhere you go there are cars."

The interview comes after Schumer shared with her fans that she has been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Opening up about her diagnosis on Instagram earlier this month, the 39-year-old asked fans for their advice.

Lyme disease is a bacterial illness that is transmitted through infected tick bites.

Some symptoms of early stages are headaches, flu-like symptoms, joint pain, fatigue and in some instances, rashes, but symptoms in later stages can be much more serious, including paralysis and neurological problems.

Schumer is among many celebrities who have revealed they have Lyme disease, including Bella Hadid, her mother Yolanda Hadid, Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne and Shania Twain.


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