CLIVE LIVE: The real winner of the recent Federal election.
CLIVE LIVE: The real winner of the recent Federal election. Christian Morrow

Election result well within my usual margin of error

JUST back in the office after a couple of weeks completing my Graduate Certificate in Hindsight Genius at the newly opened Pripyat TAFE campus in Ukraine.

The facilities were a bit run down but it was very quiet there, ideal for absorbing the finer points of punditry in the new era of poll driven editorial embarrassment.

It was heartening to return to this wide and increasingly sunburnt land to find my predictions regarding the likely outcome of the Federal election had fallen well within my margins of error in that I (and many retiring Liberal parliamentarians) had made a massive error in predicting the outcome.

Once again I am completely right about being completely wrong, if you are naive enough to judge an election by its results alone.

The real winner of the election was Clive Palmer who, for the paltry sum of (let's say) $50million dollars put the wind so severely up Labor federally and in Queensland the Adani mine is likely to get green ticked. This puts Clive's proposal for two coal mines and a coal fired power station in the Galilee Basin in the box seat green tick wise later.

How good is Clive!

Finally, Tones is gone so Angus Taylor has been appointed minister for making sure nobody says the words 'Climate Change' for the foreseeable future.