Elders at Cedar Point quarry
Elders at Cedar Point quarry Leisa Webb

Elders allege Aboriginal flag was stolen and 'desecrated'

GITHABUL elders called police to Cedar Point near Kyogle yesterday to investigate what the elders alleged was the desecration and theft of an Aboriginal flag.

Githabul Elder Rob Williams said he would like to see the owners of the quarry prosecuted over the matter.

Mr Williams alleges early Monday morning elders and their families attended a protest outside the Cedar Point quarry, when a security guard employed by the quarry owners seized the flag and drove off with it into the quarry property.

Police were called by the elders, who then attended the scene within 10 minutes, entered the property and found the flag had been soaked in diesel oil and was "about to be incinerated".

However Sergeant Smith of Kyogle Police Station said it was not known if the flag had been stolen, nor if it was intended to be set on fire.

He said the flag, which was left on the fence, could have been wet from oil or from fluid spilled from the back of a truck.

But Mr Williams said he wanted the quarry's owners brought to justice.

"I'm very disappointed about the damaging of the Aboriginal flag. They have showed much disrespect to the original icon. The Aboriginal flag is representative of all the original people in the country," he said.

On Wednesday Mr Williams was arrested for trespassing onto the proposed basalt quarry site. He claimed the proposed basalt quarry site was significant as a sacred men's initiation and burial place.