Education reforms to go through, 'whatever it takes'

EDUCATION Minister Christopher Pyne has promised to do "whatever it takes" to complete his higher education reform agenda.

The minister said despite a campaign of deception against the changes, they were supported.

Mr Pyne spoke at a higher education industry forum in Melbourne on Wednesday.

He said students had already shown they were not put off because enrolments for next year were on trend.

While a Senate committee and the industry have supported the overall package, regional universities and students have argued for extra fee support, as well as an adjustment package, should the changes go ahead.

Mr Pyne said the reforms were necessary to prevent a "decline into mediocrity" at Australian universities.

He urged the Senate crossbench "not to ignore the cries of Australia's higher education leaders".

The government is hoping to pass the reforms before the end of the parliamentary year, despite strong opposition to the changes from Labor, The Greens and the Palmer United Party.