CHEAP SEATS: The only thing we lumpen proletariat sitting in the cheap seats can do is make jokes about it all.
CHEAP SEATS: The only thing we lumpen proletariat sitting in the cheap seats can do is make jokes about it all. Christian Morrow

EDITORIAL: The view from the cheap seats

WE snowflakes in the liberal media (to apply the US pejorative) often talk about the separation of church and state- keeping religion out of politics, and fair enough too.

You don't want crazy evangelicals as your leaders cheering for the coming of the rapture and end of days when they are supposed to be ensuring our children's children inherit a world that is fit to inhabit.

But what about keeping showbiz out of politics? Well its far too late for that as I was reminded listening to Scott Morrison being given his riding orders live on air by a radio entertainer the other day.

Journalism is a part of the broader church of the media and arts industry (or the showbiz racket, to give it its proper name) so in solidarity I guess its pleasing to see a fellow artist wielding so much power and selling so many prestige cars and electrical goods along the way.

But really to pretend there was ever any kind of divide between politics and showbiz is naïve, but then again we snowflakes are wont to be a little naïve.

Because politicians really are amongst the most dazzlingly talented actors gracing our screens today.

Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton and Julie Bishop make De Niro, Roxborough and Blachett look like bumbling hacks.

Dutton's ability to keep a straight face all the way through various media encounters, as he insists using ministerial discretion to grant visas to a couple of white au-pairs while children are self harming on Nauru is all above board, makes Richard Roxburough's turn in Rake look like a dodgy school play.

Adding that extra layer of self-righteousness on top of denial, claiming the whole au-pair affair was party insider revenge for toppling Turnbull last week was some next level De Niro in Taxi Driver type actor-ing.

What is amazing is that he manages to deliver these riveting performances using almost no facial expressions.

And when it came to Julie Bishop's resignation from the ministry press conference last week, complete with dramatic pauses, thousand yard stares and strategic eye brow raises- well I just hope Cate Blanchett is studying that one frame-by-frame to see just how Oscar-winning fury is made manifest on screen.

And not to forget the other side of politics, when it comes to the CFMMEU, Bill "daggy uncle break dancing at you're sixteenth” Shorten is also not bad at delivering a "nothing to see here folks” type performance.

Honestly how they get through these press conferences without cracking up?

Most comedy movies these days have a bloopers reel that rolls after the credits. It follows that there must be a bloopers reel somewhere of these Canberra comedy capers.

Surely Barnaby didn't get through his "I'm just so outraged at being called out for conducting an extra marital affair while simultaneously campaigning against same sex marriage by insisting on the sanctity of traditional marriage” press conference all in one take without cracking up.

I'm sure Barnaby's bloopers reel from that one would put Will Ferrell's Anchorman out-takes to shame.

And is it just me, or does anyone else hear the Benny Hill Show chase theme every time there is mention of Peter Dutton and his penchant for visa-ing up au-pairs.

But we know nothing will happen to Dutton, or any of his super influential mates. The only thing we lumpen proletariat sitting in the cheap seats can do is make jokes about it.

Or not vote for them.

But like all good entertainment- it brings us all closer together.

When Chelsea Manning had her visa cancelled for not being of good character. Australians everywhere came up with the punchline.

If only Chelsea said she was an au pair for a Liberal party donor she'd have been approved in 24 hours.