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Earnings on Emma Watson's latest bomb revealed

EMMA Watson's latest movie took just £47 on its opening weekend.

The 26-year-old actress plays a woman who tries to rescue her husband from a religious cult in rural Chile in 'The Colony', which was released in just five cinemas last Friday (01.07.16).

According to figures released by the British Film Institute, the movie made the measly figure in box office takings over the weekend from the three cinemas that reported sales.

'The Colony' is only available at theatres operated by Reel Cinemas and ticket prices at the various venues suggest that only seven people paid to see it over the weekend.

The movie centres on life in Chile under the notorious military leader Augusto Pinochet and has already been panned by some critics.

However, Signature Entertainment, the film's distributor, has claimed it was unfair to judge the movie based on ticket sales, insisting 'The Colony' was instead intended for release via online streaming services.

What's more, the company pointed out that it had been shown in a limited number of cinemas exclusively for promotional reasons, with a source telling the Daily Telegraph newspaper that the move was designed to ensure the movie was "given the recognition it deserves".

A spokesman for the company explained: "'The Colony' is a film Signature are proud to bring to the UK market. This important film touches upon a buried part of Chilean and German history and we are proud to bring this part of history to light in the UK.

"Furthermore we wanted to ensure the title was accessible to everyone by releasing it simultaneously in limited screens and on demand - allowing consumers to enjoy the movie in any environment they wish."

Meanwhile, Emma - who is best known for playing Hermione Granger in the 'Harry Potter' franchise - announced earlier this year that she would take a year off acting to focus her attention on reading and feminism.