A drunk driver breaching quarantine orders recorded an alcohol reading four times the legal limit in South Australia.
A drunk driver breaching quarantine orders recorded an alcohol reading four times the legal limit in South Australia.

Drunk Aussie caught breaching quarantine

A drunk 28-year-old Victorian man has been busted for allegedly breaching strict self isolation rules after he crashed his car while drink driving.

Police say they disqualified the 28-year-old man, who breached COVID-19 orders after entering South Australia eight days ago, meaning he was under a mandatory 14-day self isolation order.

South Australia's cprpnavirus restrictions order all travellers who enter the state to undergo 14-days of self isolation and can only leave their accomodation if they require urgent medical attention.

At 6.30pm on Saturday, South Australia police were called to a street in the small city of Port Augusta, where the man had crashed his car into a street sign.

He recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.229, more than four times the legal limit.

Authorities and officials are so angry, South Australia Premier Steven Marshall said he was "angry" at the man's decision and authorities would "throw the book" at him.

Further investigations revealed he was also a disqualified driver.

The man was arrested and charged with drink-driving, driving while disqualified and aggravated driving without due care.

He was issued with an extra 12 month loss of licence and fined $1060 for breaching a self-isolation order. His car was also impounded for 28 days.

He is due to front Port Augusta Magistrates Court in September.

South Australian Premier Steven Marshall was furious about the incident when he spoke to reporters on Sunday afternoon.

"We are absolutely angry that this Victorian has come across the border, done the wrong thing, broken the commitment that he made and then caught for drink driving," Mr Marshall said.

"The police in South Australia will absolutely throw the book at this individual."

Police in South Australia have handed out a string of $1060 fines to people breaching coronavirus restrictions over the past two weeks, including 16 individuals who attended a house party in Port Augusta last week.

It comes amid Victoria's worrying coronavirus spike of late, with 49 new cases recorded overnight, the state's worst result since early April.


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