Robert Summerville pleaded guilty to a string of traffic charges.
Robert Summerville pleaded guilty to a string of traffic charges.

Drugged up driver who hit teen and left scene fined $500

A DRUGGED-up motorist who struck a teen on a busy road and left the scene of the crash has walked from court with a $500 fine and can drive again in just one month.

Robert Thomas Summerville claimed the 16-year-old ran out in front of his car on Bermuda St Burleigh Waters on June 6 and he only left the scene because he panicked.

Summerville, who self-represented, told the court he phoned police immediately when he arrived home at Varsity Lakes a short time later.

He said he panicked and didn't have his phone on him but conceded it was no excuse.

"I've just done the wrong thing. I didn't expect someone to run out in front of my car at that time of night," he said.

The court heard officers visited Summerville's house that night and tested him for drugs. He tested positive to methylamphetamine.

He admitted to taking drugs before driving.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Nick Wang told the court Summerville stopped briefly at the crash, but "panicked" and could see the teen being attended to by others.

Summerville's car was also unregistered.

On Wednesday he pleaded guilty in Southport Magistrates Court to three charges, including drug driving, driving an unregistered vehicle and failing to comply with duties of driver involved in a crash.

Magistrate Joan White fined Summerville $500, referred to SPER, and disqualified him from driving for one month.

Convictions were recorded.