Driver did burnouts to ‘blow off steam’ after dog died

A REPEAT unlicensed driver drove to a secluded area and did burnouts "to blow off steam" after finding his dog dead.

Jorden Tre Gabbert pleaded guilty on December 17 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count each of driving while not in proper control of a vehicle, driving while unlicensed and being a repeat unlicensed driver, driving an unregistered vehicle, driving an uninsured vehicle and dangerous littering.

Police prosecutor Ignus Schoeman said police were tasked to Bowlin Rd on December 3 after reports a white Commodore with no number plates drove through roadworks at excessive speed and did not stay in the designated lane.

He said police found the Commodore parked near the roadworks and Gabbert nearby.

Mr Schoeman said the defendant told police he had found his dog deceased earlier that morning and drove to Bowlin Rd "to blow off some steam".

The court heard Gabbert had been disqualified from driving in court on August 22, 2019 for six months and failed to renew his licence afterwards.

Gabbert told police he had purchased the Commodore unregistered.

Mr Schoeman said the dangerous littering offence resulted from police observing Gabbert place a 12 volt battery in native grass as they arrived on Bowlin Rd about 10am.

Gabbert told police he planned to return later that day to pick it up.

Defence lawyer Jackie Lynch said Gabbert's young dog had died from being baited.

She said the battery was brand new which was why he took it from the car and had planned to carry it home, however found it too heavy so was going to hide it in the grass until he could return later with a friend.

Magistrate Jason Schubert said Gabbert's record, which included many unlicensed driving convictions, showed he had a lack of respect for authority.

He ordered Gabbert to pay $1500 in fines, disqualified him from driving for six months and convictions recorded.