‘Dog lover’ crossed border to save pooch

A New South Wales "dog lover" says he flouted South Australia's border restrictions and drove more than 20 hours to rescue an abandoned pet.

Mohammad Hussaini was one of four people who appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Monday charged with breaching COVID-19 directions.

The court heard Hussaini, 25, and his partner, Jade Martin Seymour, 20, left their home in New South Wales and tried to enter South Australia via Victoria at a checkpoint at Pinnaroo.

A defence lawyer said they made the trip to adopt the dog of Hussaini's cousin, preventing it from being surrendered to an animal welfare organisation.

Hussaini claimed police at the checkpoint told the couple they were not allowed to enter through Victoria but would not face such issues at Broken Hill.

They drove more than five hours and on Thursday entered through Broken Hill, where they said they did not encounter any police at the border.

The couple were arrested by police in the Adelaide suburb of Kilburn on Saturday, charged with failing to comply with directions and refused bail.

They spent two nights in custody before appearing in court by video link and wearing masks on Monday afternoon.

Magistrate John Fahey said he doubted that either of the pair could have been unaware of the restrictions on people entering South Australia.

He recorded a conviction against Hussaini and handed him a 13-day suspended sentence on a $200 good behaviour bond.

Ms Seymour, who cried during her hearing, did not have a conviction recorded after Mr Fahey found she was less culpable than her partner.

Both will be required to leave the state immediately.