Do it to yourself? That's DIY danger!
Do it to yourself? That's DIY danger!

The DIY dilemma

ADMIT it, you've been sitting around watching the cricket or tennis, spending some well-earned time at home and the thought has crossed your mind. You keep eyeing off that chipped paint near the ceiling, or perhaps you're seriously considering knocking out that wall and opening up the kitchen.

But before you pull out the toolbox and don the overalls to embark on a DIY project, it pays to consider whether it might be a better idea to call in the experts instead.

Natasha Dickins, editor of Handyman magazine recommends remembering the three Ds when considering any home renovation venture; Danger, Difficulty and Debt.

"Bear in mind it can cost more to fix a botched job than it might have cost to hire a pro in the first place," she says.

Cost, of course, is the big factor. By collating quotes from tradies across NSW, Queensland and Victoria, the website allows you to get an idea of costs for many projects including interior house painting. It estimates the national average cost is $40 per hour and that painting 4 bedrooms would cost an average of $3500.

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