NGARA: Dr Adam Broinowski.
NGARA: Dr Adam Broinowski. Contributed

Despair is not a solution

NGARA Institute will welcome writer, theatre maker and environmental activist Dr Adam Broinowski to its next New Politics in the Pub from 6.30pm on Wednesday April 24 at the Courthouse Hotel, Mullumbimby.

A visiting Research Fellow and Lecturer in the School of Culture, History and Language, the College of Asia and the Pacific at ANU, Dr Adam Broinowski's will address the proposition that Despair is not a Solution: the relevance of geopolitics for climate activism.

Organiser Liz Elliot said, "At this moment of shifting world order, as the atomic clock returns to two minutes to midnight (the first time since 1953), the nuclear superpowers have withdrawn from a key nuclear arms treaty and the United States has committed to a $US1.5-trillion upgrade to its nuclear arsenal. One can be forgiven for a sense of déja vu.

"Unlike the 1950s, however, we're faced with the risk of full-scale nuclear war, and mass extinctions resulting from anthropogenic climate change,” Ms Elliot said.

"Dr Broinowski traces how this developed in various stages of US empire.

"He suggests that by reducing demand and consumption of oil, we may also reduce one of the major sources of military conflict. Dr Broinowski argues that by reducing the centrality of oil in our global economy and its accompanying securitisation, we can address the problems affecting billions of people on the planet posed by global warming.”