Page MP Kevin Hogan says the Government has the right balance over Job Keeper changes.
Page MP Kevin Hogan says the Government has the right balance over Job Keeper changes.

'Very delicate balance' for those on JobKeeper

THE Government has the balance right following recent changes to JobKeeper payments, according to Page MP Kevin Hogan.

On Monday, JobKeeper was reduced from $1500 a fortnight to $1200 a fortnight for full-time workers. The payment halved to $750 for part-time staff who worked less than 20 hours per week before the pandemic.

However, while the payment was reduced, the Government also announced the payment's duration was extended from September until March next year.

Mr Hogan said the changes were about trying to find a balance which worked for all interested parties.

"It's a very delicate balance, there are genuine people that don't have a job right now - that did have a job - because their employer or business was affected by COVID and we want to help them so we've extended the JobKeeper payment.

"We have lowered it a fraction, because on the other side of this, there are many employers who can't get employees at the moment because of JobKeeper … I am talking too many employers who can't get people to come to work or can't find people to come to work."

Mr Hogan said it was a common occurrence for his office to be contacted by employers with vacant positions looking for employees.

"I talk to many people who cannot find employees in certain sectors … there are certainly jobs out there, we need to get the balance right, it's a delicate balance."

Recent Australian Bureau of Statistics numbers suggest Australia has regained about half the jobs it lost since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Mr Hogan said he felt the Government had the balance right as it tried to restart the economy while protecting the health of the public.

"We want businesses to start as soon as they can, that's why border closures were damaging, we want people back to normal as quickly as possible, that all being said, keeping us healthy and safe as well.

"This is a juggling act with about four or five balls in the air and I think at the moment, we've got the balance right."