BATTLING ON: Gavin Williamson for years on after his crash on Gladstone Road
BATTLING ON: Gavin Williamson for years on after his crash on Gladstone Road Allan Reinikka ROK290916awilliam

Crash victim shares incredible survival story

HEADING home from work on his Harley Davidson, Gavin Williamson had no idea his life was about to change forever.

Gavin was hit by a Nissan Patrol after the car failed to see him at an intersection, leaving him without a leg.

Now four years on from his accident and Gavin is taking legal action against the driver who struck him and the insurance company.

The accident has left Gavin with a lot of injuries including PTSD, fractures to his pelvis and hip and compound fractures in his left arm.

Between surgeries and travel, the medical costs have stacked up leading to over one million dollars of bills.

Gavin says even though time has passed things haven't become quite as easy as he thought they would.

"Where I am now is pretty much is about as good as I'm going to get I think, the doctors in Brisbane said most likely as the years go on you're going to find it a lot harder," he said.

"I thought the longer you go the better you get, but not in my case.

"But I'm glad that I'm here after all of it and I've still got a life to live and I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can."

Initially Gavin waited six months for his prosthetic leg which then led to six weeks in a rehabilitation centre learning how to use it.

"I thought I would master it in a couple of weeks but it just doesn't happen that way, four years down the track and I'm still having trouble with it," he said.

"I'm determined to not sit in a wheelchair, I want to walk as much as I can and I'll get there."

Gavin said his biggest challenge was adapting to his new life after the accident, where he was more limited than before.

"It's the little things that are hard, I see Jackie (Gavin's wife) struggling to do something that I could just do like that so that's hard for me to watch," he said.

"I am still in pain every day... I can tell when the medication needs to be taken again because it wears off and the pain starts to come back.

"Anything can happen at the blink of an eye and it can change your life but if you have the right attitude you can beat it.

"You have just got to keep on remembering you're alive and you're here so you have to do the best you can and enjoy it, laugh at it and think here I am, but I'm still going."

Gavin said he hoped other drivers would take care on the roads as you never know what can happen.