(Pic: courtesy of John Eggenhuizen) /Caravans
(Pic: courtesy of John Eggenhuizen) /Caravans

Coronavirus tourism ‘selfish, dangerous, illegal’

CLARENCE MP Chris Gulaptis has weighed in on the issue of travellers defying messages to stay at home.

Mr Gulaptis said he "I never thought I'd be pleading with people not to visit us" but the issue was "deadly serious" and warned visitors to stay away.

"Coronavirus tourism - where people from the Gold Coast/Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne take up holiday lets on the North Coast - is not on," he said.

"It is both dangerous and selfish and now it is also illegal with strict new orders in place and fines of up to $11,000 and possible jail time for people who flout the rules."

His comments come after residents in Lower Clarence towns reported seeing a steady number of tourists heading into the region.

One Angourie resident, Eden Hage had called on accommodation businesses to stop allowing holiday rentals and he had already closed his holiday listing at the start of the crisis.

"We have an Airbnb and we cancelled all bookings and we are not taking anymore bookings until this virus is done," he said.

For Mr Gulaptis, his primary concern was now community transmission particularly through domestic travel now international visitors were being fully quarantined.

"You won't be welcomed, you won't find it safer here and you won't find fewer restrictions on normal life activities," he said.

"So my strong message to visitors and tourists is this is not a time to go on holidays,"

The National Cabinet has asked all Australians to stay at home unless they are shopping for essentials, are receiving medical care, are undertaking daily exercise or are attending work or school, which is now enforced by law.