Coronavirus NSW: all you need to know today


NSW could soon be giving coronavirus tests to anyone who wants them, as the state increases its capacity and efficiency.

Our national COVID-19 death toll has hit 74 with two more deaths confirmed this morning, both in NSW.

Dozens of short online TAFE courses across NSW are completely free after the government teamed up with the sector to boost your skills amid the COVID-19 crisis

And the state's economy will make a "roaring" recovery, according to the NSW treasurer who has mapped a vision to slash red tape and reform the tax system so business can flourish.


A worker from an Aussie boutique has shared texts she received from her boss - including one where she called her "so blonde" - as disputes over the $1500 JobKeeper payment turn ugly.

Two recovered coronavirus patients have shared their messages of gratitude to healthcare workers who took care of them as they battled the virus in Darwin. And they've dished on what its like to have the virus.

While a malaria medication touted by President Donald Trump as a "miracle drug" for curing COVID-19 showed no benefit, according to a US coronavirus study.

And automotive groups have called on police to be consistent when policing lockdown restrictions after reports of motorists being sent home while trying to access sales, servicing and repairs.



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