Coronavirus NSW: all you need to know today



Normal life in Australia is over after an alarming explosion of coronavirus cases forced the government to shut down all remaining non-essential sectors and order people to stay at home.

NSW Health has issued a warning to people not to "self-medicate" to treat coronavirus.

The agency issued a statement online saying it "is aware of people self-medicating to treat COVID-19 or using medications in an attempt to prevent COVID-19 disease."

"There has already been one death reported overseas in someone who attempted to self-prescribe medicines. It's dangerous to do this."

"At this time, there are no vaccines that protect against COVID-19 and no medications with approved indications to treat COVID-19."

As Queensland prepared to close its borders tonight, there will be only four entry points into the Gold Coast from New South Wales.

Motorists at the remaining 14 boundary crossing will be welcomed by immovable road blocks, while police will run "RBT"-style checkpoints at the four portals which remain open. 

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And in Lismore an extraordinary meeting of the City Council has been called for this Friday to discuss possible rate relief for ratepayers facing hardship from COVID-19.

Meanwhile in Coffs Harbour a man has been charged for deliberately coughing on an NSW Police Force employee while pretending to be infected with COVID-19.

Twenty four people who attended a 50th birthday party at Noosa's upmarket Sails restaurant have tested positive for coronavirus, while Australia's top medicos advising the National Cabinet have revealed the "trigger point" for tougher restrictions, and when Italian-style home lockdowns will be considered.

And as we learn more about the disease crippling the world, a fit 41-year-old only just surfacing from the fight of his life against COVID-19 has warned young people who believe the killer bug was only a threat to the elderly how he thought he was going to die.



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