Whian Whian
Whian Whian

Contractor’s machinery vandalised at protest site

DARRYL Armfield will sleep with his machinery on a private property he was commissioned to log at Whian Whian after it was vandalised.

Anti-logging demonstrations have been staged by protesters at the property over the past two weeks.

Mr Armfield said an excavator and a dozer had sand poured into the motors, mufflers and air cleaners some time between last Friday and Wednesday morning.

"Sand was put in the hydraulic tank on the excavator, and the air cleaners and the mufflers of both machines," he said.

The dozer also had the door kicked in and radios stolen.

After being contracted by the NSW Forestry Corporation and permitted by the property owner, Mr Armfield is counting the cost.

He said with the loss of work and time repairing the machines he had lost $15,000 or more.

Mr Armfield said he was very disappointed by the vandalism.

"I have got a young family at home with a new baby and now I have got to camp with my machinery to ensure its safety, for something I am legally allowed to do."

Mr Armfield referred the vandalism to police, who are reviewing security footage of the incident.