Coles' drastic new toilet paper limit


Coles has just announced that it will limit toilet paper purchases to one pack per persona across the nation, amid coronavirus panic buying.

This comes just days after the national grocery chain limited purchases to four packs per person.

Toilet paper is selling out across the country
Toilet paper is selling out across the country

"We are now limiting purchases to one pack per transaction, both in-store and online," a spokesperson from Coles said in a statement this morning.

"Our suppliers have increased production and we are making additional deliveries to stores, while our team members work hard to restock shelves in stores.

"The vast majority of products in our stores and via Coles online remain available for customers.

"This additional measure will allow us to maintain stock levels in stores so more customers will be able to purchase the products they need."



Toilet paper has become the most bought item since coronavirus fears rose to new levels.

Images of empty shelves in the toilet paper section have been circulating throughout the country and #toiletpaperwars has been trending on Twitter. visited six supermarkets on Thursday, two in a Sydney inner suburb and a further four in middle ring suburbs. These included Woolworths, Coles and Aldi as well as an independent supermarket.

They were all looking pretty low on toilet paper.

"Wow," said a woman on her phone as she walked around stripped shelves at a Woolworths store in a Sydney suburb.

"This toilet paper thing really isn't a joke. I thought it was just a meme - but there's nothing here."

What's happening isn't strictly speaking a shortage; Australians are just buying some things at a faster rate than stocks can be replenished.