OLD TREASURE: Pawn Stars Australia's Shanon Folden has had a varied motoring life
OLD TREASURE: Pawn Stars Australia's Shanon Folden has had a varied motoring life

Pawn Star's passion for classics

AS a man whose day job is trading in used treasures, it's little wonder Pawn Stars Australia personality Shanon Folden has a taste for classic cars.

Soon to hit your TV screens in the Aussie version of the infinitely watchable Pawn Stars US reality show, the 43-year-old's family had an eclectic mix of custom, British and European cars as he grew up.

But it's an Italian Ferrari he most pines for today, as a moustachioed hero of 1980s television has left an indelible mark.


Vital statistics

Who: Shanon "Shaz" Folden.

Age: 43, born in Sydney.

Resume: Looking for a lifestyle change nine years ago, Shaz Folden sold his cafes and joined lifelong friends Az and Baz Senes in their Happy Hockers Sydney pawn stores.The three men are about to feature in Pawn Stars Australia, a franchise of the successful US Pawn Stars show, exploring the booming second-hand economy and the interesting characters involved.Folden runs day to day operations of the Happy Hockers business, and is a collector of ski gear, vintage leather baseball gloves and yo yos.

See him: Pawn Stars Australia premieres on Foxtel's A&E channel on July 21 at 7.30pm.

Shanon Folden, Pawn Stars Australia, 1977 Jaguar XJ 4.2. Photo: Contributed.
CLASSIC BRIT: 1977 Jaguar XJ 4.2 is Shanon's current ride - we salute his bravery

Here are Shanon's answers to our searching car questions.

What was your first car?

A white 1985 Toyota Bundera (a SWB LandCruiser 70 Series). You could fold down the front window and really get the wind (and bugs) through your hair. I traded it for a 1978 BMW 528i.

What are you driving now and what do you love and hate about it?

I'm driving a 1977 Jaguar XJ 4.2. I love the fact it's a 1977 Jag. I also hate the fact it's a 1977 Jag.

What cars did your family have while you were growing up?

We had a green Chrysler Valiant Galant, a Volvo wagon, Triumph Stag V8, Mercedes 350SL, Toyota FJ LandCruiser, Range Rover, Mini Moke and a cut down black FJ LandCruiser with a Torana SLR5000 motor in it.

What is your greatest frustration on the road?

Roundabouts because no-one knows how to use them. It is frustrating people just go full steam ahead thinking they all have right of way. As the sign indicates, you must give way to any car on the roundabout as it has right of way. Infuriating!

Do you have any preferred driving music?

Bat out of Hell by Meatloaf.

If you were to pick anyone in the world to go on a road trip, who would it be and why?

I could not wish for a better travelling companion than my wife. We have already done five months in a 1971 VW Kombi pop top, covering 25,000km in that time.

What is your dream car and why?

A Ferrari 308 GTS. One reason: Magnum P.I.