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Christopher Walken finds ageing a shock

CHRISTOPHER Walken admits that ageing is "a shock".

The 73-year-old actor still feels young and says seeing pictures of himself looking old surprise him as he doesn't picture himself that way.

He said: "Every birthday's a big thing. There's a certain shock to it. I'm in here, and then I'll see a picture of myself and, you know, I'm old. And stuff happens. My hands get sore.

"The hair helps. And also I think that I have pretty good genes [Christopher's mother died at 104 and his father lived to be almost 100].

'The Jungle Book' star Christopher and his wife Georgianne married in 1969 but never had children, although they both dote on their nieces and nephews.

He told The Guardian: "It never happened. Somebody once said that children are a miracle. I think that's true. Not everybody has them.

"I don't mind. My brothers have kids. I've always had kids around. And my wife, frankly - we never talk about it - but I notice she dotes a bit on my nephews and nieces. She's always buying them stuff. She's a little bit of a hen about the kids. Yeah."