Boxing Day sales.
Boxing Day sales.

Christmas boxed up and forgotten on Boxing Day

YESTERDAY, many awoke early to join the hordes of consumers queued outside the large department stores, all vying to be the first through the shop's door as it is rolled up.

Retail workers truly earn their triple-time-and-a-half pay, as they witness firsthand the ugliness of human nature.

People transform into the worst versions of themselves as they become consumed with consumerism.

Fully grown adults act like toddlers as they fight over the last tan size 8 in the Sandler strappy slingback and shopping trolleys become battering rams.

Retail workers watch on in horror as their perfectly arranged and folded displays are ripped a part by melee of aggressive shoppers fighting for their preferred style, colour and size.

The joy and spirit of Christmas is as quickly forgotten as the Christmas trees are replaced with Boxing Day sale signs in shop fronts.

Blatant materialism is paramount as the consumers set out on Boxing Day, with usually self-centred goals to fill an insatiable desire for more 'stuff'.

Boxing Day catalogues are clutched, items circled and pages dog-eared and the money contained in Christmas cards most valued, with the heartfelt messages contained inside the cards, discarded like the cards themselves.

Ironically, the original intention of Boxing Day was to box up the excess of the abundance of Christmas and provide that to the poor. Sadly, today's shoppers are usually only thinking about themselves.

Some might box up gifts following Christmas to return or exchange items for a different size or style or try to dishonestly return an item and then repurchase it at the sale price (this does happen!)

December 26 is known as Goodwill Day in South Africa, and the holiday is designed to continue to show the compassion and care that came to the fore on Christmas Day.

The emphasis of the day is that of a positive attitude, with the focus on other people, not self-gratification.

With the bustle and activity of Christmas now done and dusted, Boxing Day is the ideal opportunity for one to reflect on the year that was and plan for the New Year. Set goals, show gratitude and come to the realisation that another pair of shoes won't make you truly happy.