Keying car- FILE PHOTO
Keying car- FILE PHOTO Tessa Mapstone

'Childish' road rage offence lands man hefty fine

HE PULLED out in front of a car that then beeped its horn at him, which he took offence to before following the vehicle to a parking lot and keying it.

Saba James Nawakie's behaviour was described as childish by Magistrate Jeff Clarke during sentencing yesterday.

Nawakie, 24, had been captured on CCTV at the Northside Plaza using a key to scratch two panels of the other motorist's vehicle at 1.20pm on June 5.

The court heard Nawakie had previously been convicted for damaging school property, along with drugs and dishonesty charges.

Nawakie was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and must pay $1837.28 restitution and $400 for breaching a good behaviour order.