GOOD CAUSE: Oz Bayldon has set up a fundraising challenge to help the people of Nepal.
GOOD CAUSE: Oz Bayldon has set up a fundraising challenge to help the people of Nepal. Brett Wortman

Help Nepal Challenge aims to help earthquake victims

A WEEK has passed since the earthquake hit Nepal killing more than 6000 people and injuring at least 11,000.

While fundraising efforts continue around the globe, a Sunshine Coast man is doing everything in his power to help the Nepalese people.

Noosa musician Oz Bayldon has set up a fundraising challenge, similar to that of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The premise is to get people to donate and then nominate two others to do the same and record a personal message to the people of Nepal.

"All money raised will go to helping people in Nepal who had one of the poorest economies before this tragedy," Mr Bayldon said.

"Money will be distributed by Help Nepal, a world-wide voluntary organisation, which works with remote villages and locations that have been hit outside Kathmandu.

"If we raise enough to build a wall in a school then we've succeeded.

"But imagine if we raised enough to build schools, roads, and hospitals.

"Join me to form a network made from five minutes of effort.

"Donate a goldy and nominate two people - it's that easy."

Mr Bayldon has a deep connection with the Nepalese people. Late last year, after years of fundraising Mr Bayldon built and opened an orphanage just east of the country's capital, Kathmandu.

The Dhulikhel Shelter, or "Our Home", accommodates 32 girls orphaned by the Nepalese Civil War, which raged for more than 10 years from 1996.

The shelter provides not only a stable home-like environment, but also long-term educational and vocational programs designed to break the cycle of homelessness and give the girls essential life skills.

Mr Bayldon worked tirelessly to see his vision realised, even playing gigs high up Mt Everest to raise money.

Through this new fundraising project, the Daisy Chain, Mr Bayldon has raised more than $4600. Mr Bayldon said the monetary goal was to raise at least $10,000.

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