NEW ERA: Amanda Amos and Rachael Norford from Caring Angels Funerals.
NEW ERA: Amanda Amos and Rachael Norford from Caring Angels Funerals. Rob Williams

Caring Angels will be the last ones to let you down

ONE of the few things guaranteed in life is death. It is something that people try to avoid in conversation.

There is little understanding of the role of the funeral director, for many still think of the undertaker portrayed in movies and bad comedies.

Caring Angels Funerals is a new service to come to Ipswich and is set to provide a service that is aimed at caring for the family and to shake off some of the old attitudes.

While the business was set up a few months ago, they have only carried out their first funeral six weeks ago. Amanda Amos and Rachael Norford are the co-owners of Caring Angels Funerals, located at Ironbark, not far from Blacksoil, off the Brisbane Valley Hwy.

"I have worked in the funeral service for seven years. I was with a large firm and gained a lot of experience there. Rachael has only come to the funeral directing more recently. We met through the tragic death of Rachael's husband and became good friends. She is a natural for this line of work," Ms Amos said.

According to Ms Amos, a lot of the funeral directors are all about profits and margins.

"One thing that stood out to me in the larger firms is that you tend to deal with one person at the start and can deal with several people along the way. It is not good for the family members and it is what we want to change. For us, we are about the family and building a relationship," she said.

At Caring Angels Funerals, you will only deal with the one person all the way through. They are both committed to ensuring that is always about the family.

"Even the language that is used. Often the family is greeted with something like I am sorry for your loss. We prefer to express that we are sorry that we are meeting this way. It is not about a man in a top hat that is cold and removed."

One thing that is very clear with both Amanda and Rachael is that they see themselves as mums, people who still have to wash and iron, go shopping and do all the things most people do. The fact that they are funeral directors is no different than someone else doing what they do. It is just the hang-ups that people have with death. Amanda particularly sees it as a "calling" something that she has the heart for.

"People often do not know what to do when the time comes for a loved one to die. When we come to the home, hospital or nursing home, we give the family time to deal with what has happened. We do not rush. In fact we invite family to be part of the process of taking the body out of the room if they wish," Ms Amos said.

"When a family member dies you do not want to have to be travelling all over the place, that is why we always go to the family. People do not feel like dressing up and going out. We work through the details and help arrange all that the family wants," she said.

Being two ladies, they find that it is appealing to many women.

"We get calls for both male and female but the way that we as women deal with it is different. I would prefer to have that type of care, it is about the dignity of the deceased," she said.

The office and mortuary is located at 212 to 230 Schultz Rd, Ironbark and is on the property of Ms Amos.

"We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. My daughter has no involvement, my son is very interested and my husband is very supportive and knows that I love it, they all support me in it."

Caring Angels Funerals aim to provide a cost effective service. They are very aware that people do not always have much money.

"I want people to feel free to call us, we will always do what we can to help families out at this really tough time," she said.

They are serving Ipswich and surrounding areas.

You can contact Caring Angels Funerals on 5460 9495 or 0455 409 905.