Captain Andrew Crowe.
Captain Andrew Crowe. Australian Defence

Rewarding careers with leadership and national pride

THE Royal Military College has been training some of Australia's finest leaders for more than 100 years, instilling in graduates the art of leadership in demanding and complex environments and scenarios.

Time at Duntroon prepares cadets and other candidates for careers in the Army, built on a sense of duty, loyalty and service to the nation.

Captain Andrew Crowe comes from a family with a significant and proud military tradition, and said as a school student who wasn't overly academic and didn't want to go to university by default, the military was a logical choice.

"I wasn't necessarily dead keen on going to RMC, however, was guided down that path through Defence Force Recruiting," Andrew said.

"Given my academic results (at RMC) and taking on roles such as prefect, house captain, rugby captain and athletics captain - becoming an officer was a logical choice."

Andrew said his time at RMC helped him develop a skill set on which to build his defence career.

"RMC is a start of a long journey towards development of your own personal leadership style that will develop based upon both positive and negative experiences," he said.

"Throughout my career I have continually analysed the leadership style and attributes of peers and superiors, drawing and using the positives and remembering the negatives.

"RMC provides a very good base level of training and both a theoretical and practice sense in regards to leadership.

"This practice, coupled with ongoing mentorship and experience, has allowed me to fully develop my leadership skill and style."

On graduating from RMC in December 2004, Andrew was assigned to Artillery Corp as a General Service Officer, working specifically as a leader and manager within the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle space, operating the Scaneagle UAV, and has since deployed to Afghanistan on three occasions in support of coalition operations.

"As a GSO, I am fortunate enough to work within a large number of different environments including my current role within Defence Force Recruiting," Andrew said.

"As the senior military recruiting officer for the Maroochydore office, I take responsibility of recruiting people from Beerwah to Rockhampton.

"Our primary role, regardless of role, is the command, leadership and management of soldiers. Within my SMRO role, I'm working in a large, complex organisation to achieve goals set by the organisation," he said.