Ray Dib is facing a real battle at the Bulldogs’ elections.
Ray Dib is facing a real battle at the Bulldogs’ elections.

Dib’s Des comments add spice to Dogs elections

THE gloves are off in the battle for power at Canterbury after chairman Ray Dib left his chin wide open in the countdown to the February 11 board elections.


Dib will be facing more questions from fans this week after the "Bulldogs 2018

Reform Team" seized on comments over the weekend about Des Hasler's sacking and

James Graham's departure.


Lynne Anderson, who is on the ticket for change that also includes club greats Chris

Anderson, Steve Price and Paul Dunn, has also questioned the "unfairness" of the

voting system they claim in a letter issued to members favours the current board.


Ray Dib is facing a real battle at the Bulldogs’ elections.
Ray Dib is facing a real battle at the Bulldogs’ elections.



But it was comments Dib made in an interview relating to Hasler's sacking and

Graham's departure over the weekend that has caused the biggest stir.


While Hasler is locked in a legal battle seeking a $2 million-plus payout that is due

back in court this week, Dib attempted to justify his reasons behind offering an

extension last April.


Dib claimed he told the board early last season "we can't wait until mid-year to make a

call on the coach because we are going to miss out on some of these recruitments".


Dib reasoned: "We had an offer from his manager, which was his MOU, and we were

comfortable with the terms. That's when we extended him. But in the next six months

we went from bad to worse."


Anderson said the way it was seemingly "rushed through" could not be excused so



"It had been hanging (over the club) for 18 months," Anderson said.


"Obviously the fans had made it very clear (that it was time for Des to go).


"It is not about whether he should have stayed.


"It was the way (the club) treated it.


Dean Pay is already under pressure.
Dean Pay is already under pressure.

"We should have bit the bullet earlier and made the call and done it respectfully.


"I just think ultimately a board has to take responsibility on decisions like that.


"We are obviously trying to take a high line and not get negative (ahead of the



"However, having said that, we think there has been a litany of things that have gone



"And if you have got good leadership at the club you step in and make those hard



"I just think at the moment it feels from the outside looking in that we were being



"Then when it does go pear-shaped we are throwing blame everywhere but ultimately

at the top.


"In the last 12 months we have seen significant change at senior management.


"Your CEO (Raelene Castle), your coach, three resignations off the board, the

football manager, that is a massive, massive change in the current day-to-day

operations of a business.


"That can't be good for anyone, especially during the course of a season.

Des Hasler was sacked by the Bulldogs at the end of last season.
Des Hasler was sacked by the Bulldogs at the end of last season.


"And it is all at the senior level.


"That has got to be telling you something about the leadership of the club."


Anderson also took Dib to task over his explanation that Graham was let go after

receiving a three-year offer from St George Illawarra.


"Aren't we paying for some of his contract?" Anderson questioned.


"And I've heard stories and I am sure he put it out that (Graham) offered part of his

contract to save Josh Reynolds.


"I mean, this is a bloke that didn't want to leave the club.


"And I think they are trying to say that it was too good a deal to refuse.


"But if that is the case why are we paying him money still?"


Anderson said the reform ticket was totally supportive of new coach Dean Pay.


"If you have a look at everything we are saying, (Pay) is pivotal," Anderson added.


"We don't have to go in and teach this coach anything about the culture.


"He has lived and breathed it during his time.


"He saw the success of it by winning competitions.


"He gets it.


"And everything he has said and is doing since then I love.


"I think he is absolutely on the right track.


"What we want to do is build a support structure around him that he can be confident