Debbie Sage is hosting 'Ask a Lawyer' sessions as part of the Feros Care virtual centre.
Debbie Sage is hosting 'Ask a Lawyer' sessions as part of the Feros Care virtual centre.

'Can't imagine life without it’: Huge value of centre

TECHNOLOGY is a constantly evolving space and knowing your instant message from your Skype call can be daunting, especially if you did not grow up with it.

Communication has become increasingly online-centric and Feros Care is determined not to leave the elderly behind, which is why they created the Virtual Social Centre.

The centre teaches elderly people how to navigate online programs, communicate with family and friends.

Elizabeth, a local resident at Feros Care, said the centre had changed her life for the better.

"The VSC makes me feel valued. It means I can have a social life, make friends, learn new skills all from home. I cannot imagine my life without it," she said.

The centre is aimed at helping the elderly breakdown barriers with technology, it also allows Feros Care to hold highly accessible events.

Debbie Sage, a Wills and Estates Senior Associate, said that the seeing the engagement from her virtual 'Ask a Lawyer' program is great to see.

It's great to see how eager everyone is to participate in the program. I look forward to building connections through the centre and being able to provide insightful and valuable information to Feros Care members," said Ms Sage.

"The fact members can join a virtual session from the comfort of their home and have access to these types of resources and activities is such a wonderful thing to see."

Earlier this year, Feros Care used the centre to host a virtual disco concert featuring international performer Lisa Hunt.

"I was a bit terrified of singing at 10am but I put the disco lights on and boy did we have some fun!" she said.

"Everyone knows what they feel when they hear their favourite song. It's transforming; it lifts you up; it opens your heart."