Byron Shire arborist Sebastian Higgins.
Byron Shire arborist Sebastian Higgins.

Legend offers free help to those affected by storms

A BYRON Shire resident has been branded a "legend" after offering free help to those affected by the recent storms.

Arborist Sebastian Higgins posted on the local community board on Monday morning, offering free help.

"If anyone has trees blocking them in, or have fallen trees on their house, I'm 20 years experience an fully qualified here to help free of charge," he posted.

"You are a bloody legend!" was one of the answers to the post.

Only a couple of hours later, Mr Higgins received a call from a family in distress.

"I had a lady call me, she was concerned for her daughter," he said.

"I told her to call emergency services if there was something wrong, but she said she just wanted me to look at this giant fig tree hovering on top of the house and give her my opinion on it.


Byron Shire arborist Sebastian Higgins.
Byron Shire arborist Sebastian Higgins.


"It is a 'ginormous' tree, with a circumference of the root system close to 30+ meters.

"I looked at the limbs over the house, I suggested to them to leave the premises if they could, or to stay in the corner of the house opposite to the tree.

"They ended up going camping within the property, as they owned 130 acres up in Coopers Shoot, and they have asked me to give the tree some weight reduction so it's not so heavy over the house."

Mr Higgins, who has been living in the Byron Shire for five years, said his professional services are always in demand during and right after weather events like the current one.

"It's always easier and better if people have a look on their properties and, just as people have (a) bush plan, they can have a storm plan that may include help from an arborist for prevention," he said.

Mr Higgins repeated his offer for free help for those affected by fallen trees while the current stormy weather affects the area.