VISITING: Ready to surf with Regurgitator in the Bay?
VISITING: Ready to surf with Regurgitator in the Bay? Contributed

Byron Surf Fest unveils strong music line up

ONE of the pillars of Byron Bay lifestyle will be celebrated again at the Byron Bay Surf Festival 2018.

The four-day event's mission is to present and maintain the culture of surfing, as an expression, art and lifestyle in the area.

Founded in 2010, the festival is a non-competitive event that highlights creativity, innovation, environment and sustainability, featuring approximately 20 different free and ticketed events including surf sessions, surfboards, art, board shaping, design, music, film, yoga, environment, markets, fashion, presentations, demonstrations, literature, history, food and the popular Freestyle & Stoke surf sessions, among others.

This year, the music and entertainment line up includes:



DIVERSITY: Regurgitator.
STRONG HEADLINER: Regurgitator are an Australian rock band from Brisbane, formed in 1993. Contributed

Regurgitator's stock in trade is artistically reinventing music.

Drawing on a vast range of influences they wittily put the pieces back together in an avalanche of sounds and songs, more pop than the Beastie Boys, less obscure than Primus.

Their music is abstract expressionist sounds, combining industrial waves, funk, hip-hop, synth pop and disco and making the most of effects and samples.

Their many lyrical ideas reflect a discomfort with the current government, state of the environment and our place as human beings in this world.

They are also avid surfers, as band member Ben Ely explained.

"Dropping in on a wave is a similar feeling of excitement you get when you are about to launch into writing a new song or starting a new painting," he said.

"You just don't know where it will take you or what is going to happen.

"Sometimes you wipe out and f--- up and sometimes you may find yourself rewarded with a great experience.

"It's what keeps you going back for more. The excitement of the unknown.

"To push yourself to be a better person, catching bigger and better waves, hopefully landing every ride."

Ely said the social conscience of the festival is something that the band supports too.

"Given the state of society, environment and climate we hope upcoming generations across the world take time and effort to consider the realities of injustice right across the board and manifest more inclusive attitudes and overall awareness to make a stand against archaic and non-progressive approaches that we are currently laden with, and in turn help make the world a better place for all."

  • At The Beach Hotel, Byron Bay, on Friday, February 23, 9pm.

The Vanns


THe Vanns are, from left, Adam Bernich, James Vann and Lachlan Jones.
THe Vanns are, from left, Adam Bernich, James Vann and Lachlan Jones. Contributed

Self- described "rambunctious rock'n'rollers", The Vanns call Sydney home but the musicians hail from Kiama in the NSW South Coast, where surf life is second-nature.

Their dynamic blues-tinged rock'n'roll has already seen the four-piece support Sticky Fingers, The Delta Riggs, and Kingswood.

The band consists of Jimmy Vann on vocals and guitar, Lachlan Jones on drums, Tom Switlek on bass and Cameron Little on guitar and keys.

The Vanns live show is loaded with catchy hooks, roaring guitars and unapologetically uplifting energy.

  • At the Beach Hotel in Byrn Bay on Saturday, February 24, from 9pm.

The Miniskirts


Byron Bay punk rock band The Miniskirts.
Byron Bay punk rock band The Miniskirts. CONTRIBUTED

This punk rock band from Byron Bay really stands for strong lyrics and, well, rock.

But their lyrics really stand out:

"I accept defeat as I stand at a urinal,

next to a racist

who follows the same team as I do,

and sadly I'm the minority.

Its easier to pretend

that I blend in,

which is piss weak..."

Those lyrics from their song Dying Majority have been praised in their Triple J Unearthed page.

  • The Miniskirts will play with Regurgitator at The Beach Hotel, Byron Bay, on Friday, February 23, 9pm.


The Beautiful Girls


The Beautiful Girls.
The Beautiful Girls. Contributed

Front man Mat McHugh says that until the day he dies, he'll be a surfer, and he'll always play music.

He intertwines the two whenever he can.

If he can cruise around, go surf, hang with friends, play music, and generate a whole bunch of love along the way, then he's good.

The Beautiful Girls describe their music of a coastal origin that combines bass-heavy rhythms with elements of dub, folk, soul, jazz and hip hop.

It's a surf-folk sound that these guys invented.

Their recording career kicked off way back in 2002 with the debut EP, Morning Sun. The track Periscopes became a Triple J radio hit that summer, and most of us can sing it word for word now.

  • At The Beach Hotel, Byron Bay, on Sunday, February 25, from 4pm.

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